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    Jun 8, 2012
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    I am a very new member to B.C.Y. but so glad I found the site and have learned so much already. HOWEVER , I would like to share a little bit of knowledge. Whatever you do - DO NOT USE SEVEN DUST ! PLEASE GOOGLE the " dangers of seven dust." I know many of you will say - "been using it for years with no problem. " Are you really sure about that ? I had a professional pest exterminator tell one thing he would NEVER use is Seven Dust. One reason, amount many, if breathed Seven Dust stays in the tiny folds of the lungs FOREVER and forms a jelly like substance. I am not one of those goofy out there nut cases anti-establishment everything folks. I am learning though there are lots of safer ways to solve problems without the use of dangerous chemicals. It just takes a little research and a willingness to try a better way.
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    I suspect that this is in the same vein as many other products, it helps to read the instructions. One of the caveats is to avoid inhaling the dust, recommending the use of a mask.

    Reading and following the directions or reviewing the MSDS for any chemical is the least one can do to be informed.

    Don't rely overmuch on panic posts on the internet. You can get your own, more reliable information; and make your own decisions.

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    Dee Dee 2 [​IMG]

    I am dubious about the 'turns to gel in the lungs stays in there forever' information. I do know that although it is toxic to people, it is rapidly detoxified in vertibrates and that it doesn't concentrate in fat unlike many pesticides.

    However, that being said, I am not a fan of Carbaryl. It is non-selective and will kill good guys along with the bad. Because it is a dust it carries in the air and spreads to non-target areas. The EPA classified it as a likely carcinogen and I know it has been banned in several European countries including the UK.

    I have some on the shelf and have used it in the past, but I feel is did not work as well as other products for my mite problems. The lack of efficacy combined with the environmental and health risks make it less desirable for my use.
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    Carbyl was a blamed for egg shell thinning in bluebirds & swallows years ago. I would not use it around my birds, but to each his own! If I'm going to use all those toxic chemicals, I may as well buy eggs at the store. JMHO.

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