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7 Years
Apr 28, 2012
Hey all,
After nearly loosing a 12 week old chick to who knows what, I figured out she has lice. I'm not sure if this is what had her so far gone since she started to improve before I realized she had horrible creepy crawlies. She appears to be on the mend. BUT I have a major lice and mite problem (I dusted her right away with DE). I am using the coconut oil and DE solution on my 8 other girls that many have suggested simply because that is what I have on hand and also I prefer not to use insecticides. However, I'm concered I may have a real mite problem that needs deep cleaning with seven. I found some spray in the garage and it is for veggies and reads: carbaryl .126%. Can I and should I spray both coops down with this and let them dry before bed? Does bleach work and can that be used instead? Or should I go out and get a poultry spray and would that be better/safer. We do eat our eggs, do not eat our chickens and I have three small children to consider. I don't want them to be paranoid about bugs (as I want to be) at all so I want them involved in the process unless we are using something like seven... I've already started the one chick on poultry nutrient drench and should I start the others on it as well? Everyone else seems to feel fine...
Thanks so much for all of your insight!


7 Years
May 28, 2012
I don't know about seven, but have had success with Hi-yield garden, pet,& livestock dust. Last summer we had fleas really bad and couldn't get id of them on our dogs. We realized the chickens were covered too. The owner at our local feed store said to use a multi-purpose dust on everyone. We use it on all the bigger animals by covering their faces and dusting. He said hold the chickens by the legs upside down so it gets in there to their skin. The coop, stables, and dog houses all needed cleaned and then sprinkle it all around. It worked really well and was $5/lb. Good luck!!

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