Seven Week Old Turkeys.

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    I have six seven week old turkeys that are in a four by eight foot brooder.
    It's getting really cramped in there.
    At what age can they go outside in their coop without heat?

    I took them out today in 50 degree weather and they were shivering. I don't know why I thought that at six weeks they would be ok without heat but apparently not.
    It is around 50 during the day and drops in the 30's at night here.

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    That does sound as if they are somewhat over crowded. Is there any way that you can move them outside yet provide a heat source until they are larger?
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    I put my turkeys out at six weeks with no additional heat. This usually happens around June 1 up here, so it may be a little warmer than you are experiencing. Lows in June up here are probably in the high thirties to low 40s. It can be quite variable. You could hang a heat lamp outside if you didn't think it would attract predators or if you turkeys are well protected by fencing or something else. Our early morning light for laying hens has been known to attract owls, and we have lost a couple chickens that way.

    I don't think you're too crowded yet. I raise up to 24 turkeys to 6 weeks in a 4 by 6 brooder with an attached screen porch that is 4 by 8. After 4 weeks they hardly ever go back inside, so essentially I have 24 6-week turkeys in a 4 by 8 cage. I would think if you make sure they have clean water, you could leave them on the brooder for another week or two, which would help them with their feathers and maybe get a little warmer weather. After 8 weeks, I would think most turkeys could handle just about anything for temps. They are really quite cold-weather tolerant.
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