Several Day Old Banties - Worms?

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    So we went in to our feed supply on Tuesday, and were given three splayed leg bantams in the hopes that we could save them. They've been fighting and one is much better, the other two are slightly weaker but fight and fight the braces on their legs. We've tried the little rubber bands. We've tried the straw trick. We've tried bandaids. We are now on vetrap and the chicks are flipping themselves upside down, unable to right themselves again. Any tips?

    In a more alarming discovery, upon going out to check their walking progress, I saw a very stringy substance on one of the shavings.
    Could this be some form of worm?
    We have given them nothing but starter crumble, and a watery mash of ground oats and warm water when they were really weak. The first day we gave them a little raw egg yolk upon reading that it can help "revive" weaker chicks. In their water we've had a little sugar and a few drops of ACV.

    I blew on them and poked them and there was never any indication that they were alive. I did sort of smash the stuff, and it was pasty like poop, but I couldn't find anything definitive and since these are so small I wasn't sure what the threshold of medication was.
    Any help would be vastly appreciated as we really do not want to lose these babies.
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    That just looks like a long stringy poo to me. I'd just put some probiotics & electrolites (sav-a-chick) in their water. It really can be very helpful when helping new chicks along.
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    It looks like poop to me - are their vents clear- no pasting over?

    Provide some chick grit free choice. imho, if you offer anything other than chick starter they need grit. Give them some poultry vitamins containing B2(Riboflavin) or you can crush a human B-Complex (no iron) tablet and add it to their feed. Watch to see are able to get to water and food.

    Do they best you can with the splayed leg wrappings. You may also want to make a chick chair to put them in for short periods of time, this gets them upright.

    Keep us posted.

    Chick chair:

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