several of my girls have loss of feathers and a lot of red skin showin

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    Right below they're but is red and seems swollen I poked and seemed soft what could this be ? ....they have also slowed down in laying and one died out of no where a week ago....could it be I have to many chickens I got 8 full grown chickens8 pullets and 6 baby silkiies the coop is 8x8 and the run is 15x15 half covered with roof
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    Slowing egg production is typical as we head into fall.

    They could be pulling each other's feathers and pecking each other, which can be a diet/boredom/crowding issue. Your pen/coop is not extremely tiny but it's not big either. Is it possible to free range them for part of the day?

    It will be helpful if you say what you are feeding them, for the diet question.

    Pick one up and examine her carefully all over for mites and other cooties, too. Sounds like you already may have done this since you've examined the area around the vent.

    Hope this helps, someone else will come along and chime in too, I'm sure.
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    Thanks for the reply hopefully someother people help me
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    8 full-growns, 8 pullets, 6 baby silkies... they might be feeling a little bit cramped, and could be picking at each other. I agree some free-range time and/or something to distract them (such as a Flock Block or a Pecker Recker, or even a cabbage) might settle them down. Barring other symptoms, and without knowing more about the one who died, it doesn't sound like disease. When they molt they slow down laying & sometimes the featherless skin gets red. It's a little late for a molt but not unheard of. Could that be a possibility?
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    I'm going to get a rabbit hutch tomorrow to make into a small coop for the silkiies I think but do silkiies do good without a heater in cold?.....& I'm also getting some plastic playhouses to put in there for them to play in

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