Severe Eye Injury, expert help needed

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    May 29, 2010
    I was told that I should also make this thread to help more in tune with her eye injury.

    I have a young Silkie, she was attacked by my stupid dog. Her left eye was bitten and I believe is now no more. The other may of been scratched. She keeps that eye closed too, but when I was trimming feathers around her face, she did open it a few times. There was white discharge, I did not see the iris, not sure if it was stress making the pupil so large or what.
    She seems to have an injury in her beak, the upper inside. I am not sure if it was bitten or what.
    I am looking for a vet that treats chickens, when I find one, I will make an appointment. Until then, or if I cannot find one, I would love to have you guys help me treat her the best I can myself.
    She did try to eat, pecked at the food 2x, so she might have some vision in the one eye. But she later was wiping her beak and gaping, like she wanted to remove something from her mouth.

    Here are pictures, hope they help. They were taken about 30min ago.

    Ok, first two pictures are of the "good eye", her right eye.
    The 3rd picture is of her mouth and something coming out if it..
    The last pictures are of the "bad eye", left eye. It seems as nothing is sticking out anymore. I am not sure if she scratched an itch and it came off/out, but I do not see it anymore.
    You can see where I trimmed feathers to get them out of her way.
    The red is from the heat lamp in the room. There is a fan/light, but the fan will no longer turn off separately, so I didn't use it. I used a flashlight on some pics, some with flash also.
    I am not sure where that drop of blood came from, btw.


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