SEVERE Henpecking!

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    Jan 14, 2014
    We have 6 laying hens and have noticed in recent days that all but one of them is the victim of pecking, some severe. One hen even has a big open hole on her back! We've applied Blu-Kote to the ones who are injured, but it doesn't seem to be helping. We're rehoming the main aggressor (she's the only one we've seen pecking the others and her tail and feathers are intact) and one other in the hopes that more space will help. We didn't have this issue at all from April through December as they were free-ranging during the day and getting plenty of activity/treats being outdoors. But we've had weeks of foul weather - from ice storms to snow to freezing rain to subzero temps, all of which have resulted in the hens not wanting to come outside at all, and being stuck in a coop with a heater lamp on the bad days. Add to this the fact that the coop we purchased was described as being good for 8-10 hens and is not even close to being adequate for our 6. It's really sad to see our hens hurting each other and we want to do everything possible to improve the situation, so we appreciate any and all feedback we can get here!!
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    Do you have a wire cage where you could separate her from the flock but still in eye sight of them? I would give her a time out for an attitude adjustment, should knock her down a few pegs in the pecking order when she returns in a week-ish.

    do you use a light in your coop? if yes, during what hours? it is important not to leave a light on 24/7 or it can cause pecking and fighting, they need 12 on /12 off

    the small size of their house might be another cause..
    are there sufficient "hiding spots" or things to get behind/in ?

    you can feed feather fixer (high protien) to help re-grow the feathers, I would also supplement with a vitamins and electrolytes through this time of stress.
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    one lady said she used a squirt gun to prevent pecking and it worked good. I have a goose that has killed my hens before. this morning my splash maran hen woke up with out her comb. I am currently trying to re home that goose. it is a girl.

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