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9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
On 5/13 I had six Araucanas hatch. One hatched a few hours later than the others, but did so unassisted. Appeared normal, just a bit slower to hatch out.

But the chick did not eat on its own, while the others ate with gusto. It only ate moistened chick starter with assistance. So I've helped it eat four times a day, let the chick fill its crop. It won't touch dry chick food, only the moist kind. Egg yolk often gets mixed in, for extra fat.

The chick weighed 25 grams when I first weighed it. Today, it weighs 30. However, the sibling it is pictured with weighs 122 grams. Looks like a day old chick, still, if not for the tiny wing feathers!

Honestly, I'd let it go if it wasn't so darn vigorous and active! Runs around the brooder at top tiny chickie speed, especially when it sees me coming. I guess I've gotten attached to the teeny, high maintenance little thing.

I am going to separate it from the other chicks, save for one. Let those two stay in that brooder, set the other four up in a different brooder. It is starting to get to where five huge siblings might be a big overwhelming for the little one.

So. What is wrong with this chick?

If you're wondering, the brooder is bleached and aired out between batched of chicks, so there shouldn't be disease transmission between groups of chicks.

Food time

These two pictures were taken today.

Giant and Dwarf, 122 grams versus 30 grams.


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