SEVERE Yeast in Crop - Treatment???

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    Feb 12, 2009
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    I have been dealing with a gassy/sour crop in one chicken in the aftermath of my coccidiosis/clostridium outbreak. She is the only one left that looks "sick", droopy, etc.

    We flushed her crop a couple of days ago and we thought it was getting better (was not re-filling with gassy liquid) for a day or two. But yesterday it was all gassy again. So I flushed it again and put her in a Rubbermaid container so she wouldn't fill it back up with DIRT (don't know why they do that...). I have been giving her Nutri-Drench supplement, which is amino acids, vitamins, and SUGAR for energy. Unfortunately, YEAST LIKE SUGAR, and due to her imbalance, her sour crop has returned with a vengeance, and is now MOST CERTAINLY yeast-oriented. She has white "cheesy"/slimy stuff in her mouth - it is so bad it crawled up her throat overnight. [​IMG]

    I have some anti-Candida herbal capsules that are for people, contains Pau D’Arco bark, Black Walnut Hull, Caprylic Acid, and a little Oregano Oil. I know that Vet RX for birds has some Oregano in it, so I think this would probably be a good thing except I can only imagine the Camphor and other ingredients meant to help colds/respiratory might be irritating on her mucous membranes at this point. The Candida Clear doesn’t have much Oregano in it.

    I also have some probiotic tablets called Primal Defense – contains 14 Homeostatic Soil Organisms.

    Both of these things can be broken down into basically powders that can be mixed in water – I am going to give her some water with this stuff in a syringe, just guessing at dosage vs. a human, but I figure if the yeast is crawling out of her mouth at this point, overdoing this stuff a little probably won’t hurt.

    I also have some Pau D’Arco bark that is used to make a tea. I am going to make a strong tea from it (sort of an infusion) and squirt some down her throat and into her mouth, maybe add a little to her drinking water and see if she will continue to drink (if not, I’ll take it out and leave her with just Vinegar water – she seems to be willing to drink that).

    I am going to Wal-Mart as soon as their pharmacy opens to get my Diflucan prescription filled (I had a yeast infection earlier this summer, doctor wrote me a prescription for this, ended up not needing it). If I hear from anyone on the board on this, I’ll pursue as you advise, but if not, I will probably crush one of these tablets and portion out a very small amount for the chicken and give it a try.

    I went ahead and gave her another dose of Nutri-Drench, because even though it has sugar in it that feeds the yeast, I’m about to try to kill the yeast and SHE looks like she’s about to roll over and die.

    Any other suggestions on what to do with her at this point?

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    We lost two chicks that had sour crop. The vet said that it is a secondary condition. In your case, I think it might be a reaction to antibiotics. I would definately discontinue any sugar. Also, do a search, here on BYC. If I recall, yogurt and apple sauce are recommended. As for trying Diflucan, why not? You are only gonna be able to help this kiddo over the hump - IMHO.
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    Feb 12, 2009
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    Lesson learned - ACIDIFY, ACIDIFY, ACIDIFY. After baking soda water flushing her crop, I don't think she was drinking enough vinegar water to counteract the residual flush. I was also afraid to give her yogurt because her crop was still "sour" (or going back sour rather quickly on and off) and I figured with it not working normally I would end up with curds (like I did with my first bird with pendulous crop).

    I was too late with getting any anti-fungal meds into her - she passed this afternoon. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If I EVER get another chicken with sour crop, I am going to do the baking soda flush and then she is getting some SERIOUS vinegar water, not just barely acidified, especially if she's not drinking much on her own. Also, I'm going to give her acidophilus (I have some capsules of acidophilus powder) since I am still not sure about giving yogurt.

    And if I EVER have to treat my chickens with any sort of antibiotic, they are getting yogurt IMMEDIATELY after the treatment is over, and will be watched CLOSELY for signs of sour crop.

    I think we should outlaw the term "sour crop" and just call it what it is - YEASTY CROP. My brain just plain wasn't on the focus of YEAST YEAST YEAST. I know how to kill yeast. Heck, I've read a whole book about fungal overgrowth in the human body, you'd think I'd get it for chickens, too...

    For yeast, you don't want to feed sugar, so my super-nutritious drench solution (amino acids, vitamins, and SUGAR) was probably making the infection WORSE sitting in her crop.

    I just hope I don't kill any more of my chickens - I've lost 10 out of 23 that I started with this spring, one to a pendulous crop and the other nine to this coccidiosis/clostridium/yeast/sour crop debacle. I hope my remaining 13 hens will all be OK - they look "well" at this point and are acting like normal chickens.

    Interesting note: I had Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers, and Speckled Sussex. EVERY ONE that died was a Speckled Sussex... [​IMG] I only have one left! [​IMG]
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    Kefir is a wonderful food that's easy to digest for your sour crop chicken (health food store-goat milk based). It contains many good gut bacteria...loads more than yogurt. I've used it after draining my chicken with sour crop. Kefir brings the bacteria back into balance in her crop.
    Another item to use is coconut oil. It has caprylic acid that kills the fungus that causes sour crop. I give my chicken a dropper full a day until her crop empties on it's own in the morning.
    This is an old thread, but thought this info might help others. I'm dealing with a chicken that has sour crop right now. :wee:clap:thumbsup

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