severely injured Pigeon UPDATE GRAPHIC PIC


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Sweetheart was very alet this morning her wound is red and smelly but i clean it and it is slowly getting better , she was happy to see her "spouse" they lost 2 squab during the tornado but she is very happy to see him , she wasnt ready for a pic this morning but i figured all my wonderful helpers should meet her
once again thank you to the wonderful people of BYC

exscuse her messy feet feathers , don't want to bathe her yet


this is her "mom just put neosporin on my butt face"
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I'm glad she's improving. You might try treating the wound with Vetericyn. It is labeled for use on birds. If it is smelly, she may have a secondary infection and the Vetericyn will help nip that in the bud.
Tractor Supply has it if you have one close. Otherwise a vet can sell it. It's not the cheapest product out there, but it's easy to use. Just spray it on. I had a horse with a catastrophic leg wound that it did help, and now another leg wound on another mare that it didn't really help. I do think it will help your girl. Glad she is doing better!

Oh, you can also order it online.
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