severely injured Pigeon


8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Okay so when the tornado hit i lost over half my birds and i had to euthinize afew more because of the severity of their injuries

well this morning i went to check on "sweet heart" My championship Blue bar trumpeter hen , she was shaking real hard and covered in Poo ,

I took her out of the cage and looked over her and right above her butt under the tail feathers is this gaping hole and see bone ....

I cleaned her up , dipped her beak in some sugar water and held her close but she seems weak ....

Is their anything i could do for her or should i just put her down .... i love this hen so much , she is a favorite one
I personally would try to save her. Keep her up and isolated in a warm spot in the house. Keep the wound clean, put neosporin (without pain meds in it) on it. You can put pedialyte, sugar or polyvisol vitamins (without iron) in her water. Keep her hydrated, use an eye dropper if nec. to keep fluids in her. Offer her healthy treats. My pigeons like peas. I put Nutri-drench in warm water and pour over their peas. I get Nutri-drench at Tractor Supply. It is loaded with vitamins, electrolytes and immune booster. Good luck, I hope she heals.
I would not use peroxide. I was told by a vet that it can inhibit healing. If you have some betadine, I would clean with a diluted solution of that or just plain soap and warm water, then apply the neo. I would do that for today to kill any bacteria that may be in the wound and then just keep it clean and dry. I also would not cover the wound so use newspaper or towels as bedding and keep that changed frequently. Watch for infection (redness, swelling, smell). It might also be helpful to gently clip any feathers away from the wound too. Good luck.
Peroxide is useful for initial cleansing if wound is really dirty otherwise as chickensioux said it actually damages the new tissue that is trying to form! I personally would go with either betadine or a salt water solution to clean. I can't remember the actual amount of salt to water but it needs to end up tasting like your tears! You could make up a big batch and then have enough to clean a few times the first couple of days. I really hope you can save her! I am so sorry for the loss you have suffered! The neosporin is a great help as well as all the supportive care you can give her... let us know how this works out!
There is an excellent product called Veterycin (sp?) It doesn't hurt when you spray it on, and works well. Not exactly cheap though. If you choose to use the betadine, dilute it with water until it looks like weak tea. Stronger solutions tend to break down good tissue, especially with repeated use. Good luck-I hope she heals!! We had a turkey with a similar type wound and he healed just fine. I don't even remember what we did for him.

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