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    Nov 15, 2007
    I am new to this forum and new to raising "real" chicks. I have 23 three week old cochin chicks that are having a problem. Can I use Sevin 10 dust on them and how do I do it???[​IMG]

    The beginning of this story is that I have been raising fighting chicken crosses (who knows what you would call them..they are escapees from the neighbors). I gathered up all their eggs up so the chicks wouldn't hatch outside and hatched them in an incubator cause we have red foxes that are attracted to them. Every egg hatched and they are healthy and well and outside in their temporary quarters until old enough to cut loose. (We have the adults running loose to eat larvae, etc in the horses' pens.)

    Anyway, one of the hens had 5 babies outside and, unfortunately, one of the foxes got the mamma one night leaving the orphan chicks alone. So we caught them up and put them inside where we were going to put the cochin chicks when they arrived.

    Once the new chicks arrived, all was well until the 5 orphans started itching like crazy. They developed large "reddish lumps" around their beaks and eyes until one by one, they died. [​IMG] I thought I had burned them with the red bulb I used to keep them warm so I took it out and went back to the standard bulb I had used to raise all the other little chicks. :|

    Now the cochins are itching (without the red bulb in use) and some are developing the same strange lumps. After searching high and low on the internet and finding nothing about this condition, I came to the assumption that perhaps the itching is what is causing the lumps??? So I also made the assumption they must have some type of bug making them itchy, though I can't see anything on them.

    I have completely cleaned out and sanitized their pens (huge plastic bins) which are in the house in a bedroom to keep them away from our cats and dogs. (we have a menagerie of animals both inside and out!)

    We found only Sevin-10 dust so I sprinkled a little on the bottom of their pens and put shavings over the top. But I am afraid to dust the chicks. First, I don't know how and second, I don't know if it will kill them. I don't want to loose them like the others. It was so sad to watch and not know what to do.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I don't know if I would dust the chicks. You say you don't see any "bugs" Can you post a picture of the bumps? Do you think they might have some kind of Pox? I know that I'm not being much help but sometimes it can help to talk through it.

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