Sevin dust and scaly leg mite questions

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    Jul 29, 2010
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    So I currently have around a dozen birds and noticed that one has scaly leg mites. I am going to dust with sevin and then petroleum jelly them. Is that the best first step?

    I also want to sevin dust the entire coop but I have a broody sitting on eggs that are due next week. Is this safe with little ones on the way? I dont really have a great spacious quarantine area. What are your thoughts?
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    I'm not so sure that Seven works on scaly leg mites...the petro. jelly will help smother them. I used Ivermec paste (for horses) when I was dealing with leg I soaked the feet/legs every other day and coated with petro. jelly. They were cleared up within 10 days. Hopefully others who may have used Sev.Dust will advice on how effective it was for them...

    Since I'm not a fan of seven (any of the dust products actually), I can't advise on whether it'd effect chicks or not...sorry.

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