Sevin Dust???


Oct 28, 2016
Washington State
I have treated my chickens for lice using ash and neem oil for a grand total of three times. And every time still find those little buggers feasting on my poor hens. They are beginning to lose a scary amount of weight and feathers are being lost. I've heard good and bad things about sevin dust, I have no need to be organic, it would be helpful to get some more insight on this product or any other methods of removing this disease.


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Mar 27, 2012
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My Coop
Sevin works well, as does permethrin, so either of those will work. A note on permthrin, do not use it anywhere near cats as it is highly toxic to them and will kill them.

Make sure also that you are cleaning out the coop on the day you treat the birds and are dusting that down with whichever option you go with, and that you are repeating the treatment and coop cleaning and dusting ten days after the initial treatment to kill any new lice that will have hatched.

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