Sevin treated chickens and eating the eggs immediately

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    I am treating my chickens tonight with Sevin (actually a poultry dust but same active ingredient as Sevin) for mites. I am keeping the dust away from food, water and nests. There seems to be conflicting views on if you should not eat the eggs for a period of time afterward or just continue eating right away. Certainly I am not feeding the dust to the chickens but they are bound to injest some because they preen and fluff. Also you focus the dust near the vent and the egg comes out of the vent. Someone suggested washing the eggs as "usual" but I don't usually wash the eggs because I heard that water causes them to degrade quicker. I just wipe with a slightly damp papertowel. Anyways, if any residue is on the egg, that is another way a person can come in contact as well.
    So what do you think? Ok or not?
    Thank you!
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