Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Painting volunteers needed

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May 26, 2008
Sweet Home, Oregon
Our charity is now collecting items for babies and children from birth to 18 years old. We need seamstress', knitters, crocheter's, and anyone who can buy articles of all kinds for them.
We are also serving the PAC center (Pregnancy Alternative Center) around our Head Quarter's in Oregon and collecting School Supplies for the children that cannot afford them.
Our Charity can be checked out and is a 501c3 Charity.
We also serve those who have lost, or are losing their babies. If you have a need or know someone who does please contact us on our craft site as linked below. Post any need you may have.
We are very proud of our volunteers and we are global.
Please check us out by clicking on the appropriate area on my signature.
I am grateful ahead of time for any help, be it handmade toys, clothing, bought or gently used. Thank you,
Holiday Angel
President of The Children Division

PS Blankets of all kinds needed as well...
I don't know anything about your organization, but I do know about losing a child (in my case children). Our first daughter was stillborn, and the hospital she was born at put a hand knitted dress on her, and put her in a handmade wooden lined box for transportation. I still have the booties and the box. We used the box for our second child, our first son, who, while born at the same hospital, died at another one, and they were simply going to send him home in a plastic box, so we took the same box to bring him home in. Our third was miscarried, so nothing really we could have handmade there. So I do know how much it means to get something that someone lovingly made during this time. I remember after my daughter's funeral, I would sit and cling to items that had wrapped her at times. I have quite a bit of yarn, and can make some afghans and items. Does your organization have a website?
If you would like to join our Forum and craft with others who have experienced what you have you are welcome to join. We also have the comfort forum for those who want/need comfort for their loss/losses.
We would love to have you there and I think you would really enjoy it. You are used to Forums from being here at BYC so you could manipulate the board easy enough.
Our members are like family.
Anything we make is free and we donate actual caskets for those who cannot afford them. We also use wedding gowns after ripping them down and sewing them to make burial gowns.

This is my blog spot and you can see a bit of what we do besides the regular forum.
Anyone wanting to join for comfort, need, or crafting is always welcome or you can donate and get a tax receipt for funds or items. Just check our site out and follow the directions there.
(If you don't care to join you can always send articles or whatever to our headquarters address as listed on our forum!!)

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