Sewing machine: Anyone own the Kenmore 19112 or 18221? or Singer 2932?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by BarkerChickens, Dec 17, 2009.

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    DH is going to get me a sewing machine for Christmas! [​IMG] For years, I have been using my mom's, but she moved out of state a while back and asked if she could take the machine with her (like she had to ask.. [​IMG] ). I will mostly be using it for chicken saddles, hemming and patching jeans/pants, making skirts and household stuff like curtains, etc. We are on a tight budget and since I won't be doing fancy stuff like dresses, we are thinking in the $100 range. My MIL says that the Kenmore's are better quality than the Singer. Given the plastic accessories in the Singer vs. the metal parts for the Kenmore, I'd have the agree so far. But, experience is always the best! I would like opinions on the following if anyone has experience. Thanks!

    Singer 2932 - $99
    35 stitches
    1-step button hole
    horizontal bobbin with automatic clutch

    Kenmore 19112 - $99
    12 stitches (58 stitch functions)
    4-step button hole
    horizontal, drop in bobbin

    Kenmore 18221 - $149.99 (the Janome 11574 is the same product but cost $99!)
    21 stitches (74 stitch function)
    1-step button holder
    horizontal, drop in bobbin

    I like the cheaper prices, but I have "heard" that the Kenmore 18221 has a stronger motor that can handle the heavier fabrics. If I ound a Janome 11574, all would be solved! [​IMG] )

    Anyone have experience with these and can give me their input?

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