Sex and breed of chicks, any clues??


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May 30, 2011
Hi all,
I'm new to this so please tell me if I'm doing something wrong, I usually do....
This is my first year of being a chicken owner and I realize that there is no sure way of knowing, but I would love to have any opinions on what sex my chicks are. Also any info in breed would be good I think I know but I'm not 100%.
This is my first (is this a crested black polish?, please correct me if I've written this wrong), it was hatched about 7 weeks ago it doesn't have a comb (yet) but does have teeny wattles, also I have noticed that it's black feather have taken on a petrol green sheen:




My second has wattles with no comb and was also hatched 7 weeks ago:





I realize this is looking is looking very male, which is such a shame as I won't be able to keep it if it is a roo. I've been reading around and it seems that the wattles are a sure sign of sex at this age in a polish rooster, is this always the rule? It such a lovely, friendly, calm chick.

I also have this chick, bought from my local nursery with another chick two weeks ago. I was told that they were eight weeks old, seen as the new chicks were smaller than my, then, five weeks old polish I gave an uneducated guess at them being more like 4 weeks old. Making this chick 6 weeks?? I have noticed it is growing a tuft on it's head can someone please tell me what this is and what it indicates?


And finally I have a pic of my four babies:


I think I have two (crested??) polish, a blue maran and a light sussex. If anyone one knows better I would appreciate some input!!

Thanks in advance for your time x
Thank you, fingers crossed!!

(I feel really bad saying that, poor feathered men, but I can't keep them if they aren't pullets)
Same here, there's a good chance they're all pullets!
Those topknots look nice and smooth rather than spikey.
I dunno... That white polish has some biggest I've seen on a polish that age, I'd say roo on him, and pullets for the rest!
Yeah I think that too, but I'm hoping not. Anyway time will tell. Does anyone know the breeds, have I got them right?
The first is a white crested black polish, the second is a splash polish, but I have no clue as to the third.
The slash polish looks like a roo with those wattles.
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No I'm not sure of the third either, I was thinking blue Maran, but I'm no expert. It's starting to grow a tuft on it's head (it's grown more in the past couple of days), could this be a male sign? I'm just thinking that the male seem to get all the fancy bits!!

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