Sex Check- 5 Weeks

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    Here they are at a few days past 5 weeks. Chick 1 has feathered out nicely and is getting some interesting markings on her breast. Chick 2 is finally feathering out and catching up in size. Both are very active and still sleeping with Momma Bea in the nest box where they were hatched... and it's getting pretty tight ( : < )! I don't see that continuing for long. Bea is still very attentive but she is beginning to not share all the tasty morsels and occasionally growls at one of the Chix that gets in the way of that morsel.

    IYRC, one is a mix of a Australorpe Pa and a Buff Orp Ma. The other the Australorpe and a Barred Rock.

    So, last time the consensus was that both were pullets. Is that still the conensus??

    This is Chick 1 today. We think it is the Aus/Rock mix.

    And here is Chick 2 this eveneing. We think this is the Aus/Buff Mix
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  2. cafarmgirl

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    Looks like two pullets to me.
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    Congrats on two lovely girls :)

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