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Aug 26, 2019
Hi all! New to this forum, and also new to raising chickens. I have three Silkies whom I’ve raised since 2 days old — first time. My white one has turned into a rooster, obviously with a comb. But this morning, Chita Rivera (they are all named after showbiz legends) crowed as well. I thought Chita was a hen — there’s no sign of a comb/waddle anywhere. Is Chita indeed a make without a comb? Possible? Or a female who is crowing? Possible??

Thanks everyone for your replies — all interesting!! Our Silkies are almost 4 months old. Definitely the walnut is larger on this black Silkies than our brown one. A full body shot is below — but I was comparing it to our white one who clearly has a more traditional rooster comb (pic below). Guessing they can vary that much??
Oh that’s interesting!!! That gives me something to research and see perhaps if a more “typical” looking comb is undesirable....though ultimately I don’t care — he’s a sweet little guy no matter what!

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