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    Ok 33 days old. Both same parents. Father pure breed Barred rock mother EE (Easter egger). Im thinking the barred one is female she feathered much faster. And has the darker barred coloring of a hen but who knows with the EE mother thrown into the mix. The other in thinking Roo took a lot longer to feather out and just got some tail feathers. Opinions from the experts. I'm usually pretty good but I just was curious what the experts think.
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    They both look male to me
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    At this point, they both look female.

    You used a barred roo, which means barring will be passed to both genders in all chicks. You aren't seeing that in the white bird because the white is hiding the barring.

    Dark or light barring really won't matter because you have only one barred gene in both genders. Also slower and faster feathers mean nothing in "mutts," which you have as an EE is already a hybrid now added to yet another breed for these chicks; therefore, the plethora of genes creates a new set for each sibling. You can't compare 2 siblings then as it is sort of like comparing apples to oranges.

    The best indicator is the comb. Both birds have pea combs, and at 33 days (or essentially 4 1/2 weeks), there is no indication of red, fleshy combs, yet.

    Thus I think they are both female, but time will tell....however, my hybrids tend to mature quickly, so you should know in another couple of weeks for certain. If the combs stay small and paler, they are female.

    Nice chicks. I like my backyard hybrids as they mature quickly, lay well, and overall are hardy.

  4. Eps32

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    Dec 22, 2015
    North Carolina
    Ya I agree on hybrids. Thanks for the info very informative.
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