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    Feb 1, 2011
    are sex link,red stars and production red the same chicken thanks 4 help

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    I would like to think that they are. If you are looking for egg production Red Sex Links are one of the best. I have one in my flock and she's what I call my always faithful cause she lays all the time no matter what the temperature is.
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    A production red is a strain of Rhode Island Red developed for top laying. They were likely bred with other super laying New Hampshire and perhaps even some Leghorn years ago.

    A sex link is merely a crossing of two parent stock birds which allows the chicks to be sexed by feather color at hatch. There are a BUNCH of combination of colors of the parents that allow one to sex the chicks at hatch.

    A Red "Star" is a made up name for one particular kind of Red over White hybrid. Yes, the Red Star is a sex link. The chicks as hatched are male/white with female/reddish.
    Typically the Red Star is intended as a top laying hybrid.
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    Red Stars (and their other names) are a type of sexlink, so they are in a sense the same. Sexlinks are a number of crosses that produce chicks that are different colors at hatch. There are Red Sexlinks and Black Sexlinks, etc.

    Production Reds are similar to Rhode Island Reds, but have other breeds (like New Hampshires) mixed in. Hatcheries sell them as RIR, but they are not the same as those or Sexlinks.

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