SEX link chicks ??????'s

bald k9

10 Years
Sep 5, 2009
Rural Edwardsville
Hello ,I understand that a rir roo, and br hen make sex link chicks, my question is what do the chicks grow up to be? and does that mean sex link chickens will or wont make color coded chicks[male/female], or do you have to keep using a RIR roo and BR hen? also what would you get if you switch them , RIR Hen and BR roo? thanks again
No, sex-linking won't pass down, so if you breed two sex linked birds you won't get sex linked chicks. There are several threads on this issue, also check out the recent thread on the barring gene - the barring gene is what makes sex-linking possible.

No, you can't use RIR hens and a barred rooster - again, the barring thread helps explain this. Hope this helps!

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