sex link question? who is the daddy? a rir or leghorn?


12 Years
Feb 19, 2009
I want to breed red stars... I will start with a rir rooster and I have LOTS of Leghorns.

but what will I get If I breed the white Leghorn rooster to the rir hens?

Will it be a good layer and a sex link too or just a mutt? Has anyone bred a leghorn roo to a ror hen? whadja get?
You can't get a red sex link from a first cross with RIR & white Leghorn.
However you can make a sex link using rate of feather growth with a White leghorn male (rapid feathering, k+) on RIR females (slow K).
The Isabrowns(red sexlinks) one hatchery here sells is a first generation cross of RIR roo over White leghorn hens, since commercial white leghorns carry a silver gene from what I have read.

So she should get Sexlinks out of that cross.
RIR males crossed with white leghorn females won't make red sex links in a first cross. While whte leghorns usually do carry silver they also are black at the e-locus. RIR are wheaten at the e-locus. Black is the dominant allele. Therefore any cross between the two would give a lack bird which would then be turned white by the single dominant white gene.

It is possible that a commercial company somewhere has developed a strain of leghorns which are silver, columbian & white. These would be white in colour they would not be the same as the white leghorns which are readily available.
I agree with Krys. White leghorns are extended black at the E locus. I have hatched RIR x Leghorn crosses and you do not get sex linked type down on the chicks. All of the chicks would be white or white with black patches. If a person were to breed a rhode island red to a silver leghorn then that would work. The chicks would have a pseudo wild type down and the gold would be expressed on the face and in the clear
(no eumelanin or brown/black pigment) areas on the back.

In order to color sex the chicks, the back and face of a chick must have some clear ( no eumelanin or brown/black pigment) areas so the gold and silver alleles can be expressed in the down. The mahogany gene and the columbian gene from the RIR enhance the expression of the gold allele.


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