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Mar 5, 2018
Hi all,
I got 6 chicks from our local farm store and some had "sex-linked" on their signs. I got 2 sienna stars, 2 dominiques, 1 calico princess, and 1 hatchery's choice (whatever that is). The chicks are 4 weeks now and I am trying to get a head start on sexing them. Could anyone tell me what the color differences of the genders are in these breeds? Also, if anyone has any ideas what the hatchery's choice is that would be helpful, it has puffy cheeks.
Here is a picture of them at 1 week old
HC-Hatchery's choice
SS- Sienna star
CP-Calico princess


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Jun 9, 2017
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Looks like you have a male and a female of the Sienna Stars. I can't tell you which is which, but I looked them up and saw the different colors. I tried to see which color was female, but I couldn't see.
The Calico Princess I think might be a male. Its hard to tell, because the different colorings change a bit as they grow. At hatch, it a light orange, and a darker orange/red. Your Hatchery Choice is a Easter Egger.
For the EE, and Dominique's, since they aren't sex linked, you'll have to wait until 6 weeks, then post pictures of their combs.

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SS yellowish is male and brown is female.
CP agree I'm also unsure but leaning towards female
HC agree if it has puffy cheeks Easter egger.
DQ you should be able to tell in a couple weeks when the barred feathers are in enough to see how lightly or dark barred.
Guessing female top left male bottom right.

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