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    Okay, the prior sexlink thread is closed, so I'm starting a new one! I have 2 hatchery pullets that were sold as "Gold Sex-links". Their names are Goodness and Kindness (all of my current pullets are named after fruits of the spirit). They hatched on 3-28-11 and haven't started laying yet.
    This is Kindness at 5 weeks

    This is Goodness at 5 weeks

    And here they are at 8 weeks with some flock-mates

    Show me what you've got!
    Let us know if you actually know their cross!

    What do you all like about sex-link - of course there is the obvious: not having to part with accidental roos.
  2. Some Red sex links might be just want the hatcheries say they are, ie a RIR x Delaware. The problem is that usually, no one knows. Most of the red sex links get hatched for the egg industry and come from the genetics conglomerate ISA/Hendrix/Bovan/DeKalb/Shaver parent stock. They develop both the "red" bird used and the "white" bird used.

    These are highly specialized cross breeds.

    Some are generically called Red Sex Link, while others, because they are a different mix, Gold Sex Links, etc. Many hatcheries give them cute names like Cinnamon Queen, Golden Buffs, Red Star and/or whatever else they wish.

    So, while mainly developed for the commercial laying industry, those who keep them in small flocks sure enjoy their personalities and their great egg production.
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    Feb 25, 2011
    I love love LOVE my Golden Comets! They're so calm and inquisitive! Here's some pics of my girls:

    When they were 4 days old (ignore the barred cochin):


    At 14 weeks and hilariously inquisitive:

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    Yay! Carried on. Have fun everyone! [​IMG]
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    I have Blacks


    And Reds


    The Reds have been the friendliest and calmest from day one. And they're prolific egg layers! My favorite is also the smallest - I call her Twiggy. She runs up to me every time I enter the run - it's all I can do to keep from stepping on her! She also tries to escape every time I come into the run, and is often successful. Requiring me to chase her down. But, when I do, she calmly allows me to pick her up, and I can even hold her with one hand and she doesn't try to struggle or get away.

    ETA: The blacks are exactly the opposite - so paranoid I can't get anywhere near them!
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    In my previous flock (gave up due to predators and just restarted now that I've moved), I had a BSL who didn't like me, she was flighty and standoffish. I lost her to being eggbound. But she was a good layer.

    I also had a RSL named Esther, who was beautiful and the best layer that I've EVER had. She was fine as long as Boaz (Gold Laced Wyandotte Roo) was around to keep the peace. When we re-homed him, she tried to take over the flock and turned into the Hen from Hell. But, since she was such a good layer, I gave her to my brother who put her in with Bruster (an 18 pound mutt rooster). She stepped out of line once and learned her lesson and was well behaved after that.

    I'm enjoying all of the pictures.
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    Yay! I was sad the last thread was closed...
    I have Red stars and Black stars. And my sister gave me a BO/Leghorn cross that is I guess a gold sexlink. I named her butters. Here's one of my black stars as a baby... they're like 14 weeks old now
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    Mine look just like that, they were sold to me from feed star as Golden Sex Links. So are they Red Stars or Golden Sex Links or is that the same thing.
    I love the pretty white coloring coming out in the red. So pretty. [​IMG]
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    Black Sex Links = black stars

    Gold Sex Links = gold stars = golden commets = cinnamon queens

    Red Sex Links = red stars

    If you go to the informational sex-link thread, they have all of the combinations. Basically I think that the hatcheries just call them different things. Of the 2 GSL's that I got from a feed store, one is more golden/buff and the other is more red. Because they are all crosses, there is a lot of variety in how they look. I just like not worrying about getting attached to an "accidental roo".

    duramax - what a cutie pie!
  10. There is no "breed" of course, as these are all hybrids. Since there are no "breed police" running around giving out fines, [​IMG][​IMG], the hatcheries can call these hybrids anything they want to call them.

    I call the BSLs I've had only good layers, not great. I also found them stand offish, but again, different hatcheries produce different strains. YMMV.
    The RSLs on the other hand, have been friendly to a fault. They're at your feet and under your feet. Oh, did I mention they lay like crazy? [​IMG][​IMG]
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