sex links and burnout?

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  1. I'm waiting for my chicks (omg, another whole month, will I ever make it???) and wondering if I should get a couple black sex links for aesthetic purposes, lol. I was planning on all RIRs, for the eggs really, but I'd love a splash of a different color. But...will the sex links burn out laying way before the RIRs? I've seen a few mentions of that possibility but no real posts about it.

    Does anyone have older sex link hens (I mean really older, not just 2-3 years) that are still laying, and if so, how many eggs a week are you getting (under normal daylight ciscumstances, not winter)?


  2. Gah. Maybe I should just stick with the RIRs.
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    I have 3 black sex links, but they are young 18months to 2 years.
    I dont know how well they lay, I dont know who lays what in my coop.
    The egg farmer that I got my first 12 chickens from had 200 each of the red and black sex link then a few misc. breeds. He only kept them for a year and a half then sold them. He must have had a reason, but I dont know it.
    Sorry I cant be more help.
    Good Luck!
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    I had black sex links years ago and their production dropped right off after 2 years.

    I would go with Blaxk Austrolorps for steady egg production with your RIRs, and its a nice mix too. i have four year old hens that I adopted that give me an egg every other day, whem the new Hamshires,( same age) have failed.

    Something to think about.
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    Yes friend has austrolorp aound 6 years old & they five her about 4 week each!

    or add a barred for some color they also lay long!
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  6. Thanks so much, this has been super helpful! [​IMG]

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