???Sex-links, ISA???? What the ?!!

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    Ok ya'll I'm am totally confused by all the different names of sex-linked birds. I understand my black-sexies. That one is easy. But what the heck is the difference between a Cinnamon Queen, Red-Sexlink, Golden Sex-link, Comet, Red Star, ISA ???? Is it "Whose your daddy?" or "Whose your momma?"

    Anyone what to tell me what these ones are? Hubby thought they were RIR's when he picked them out of the tub at the farm supply. They haven't featherd out as such.




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  2. Wolf-Kim

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    Jan 25, 2008
    LOL. I think sometimes the hatcheries come up with their own names for the same crosses, and then sometimes they are just different crosses.

    Last year we bought sex-links from the local farmstore and we just called the Black sexlink and Red sexlink. Makes life simple. LOL. My red-sexlink look like a RIR with white tips on wings and tails.

    Hopefully someone more experienced with them will have a better answer for you. If no one can help you out, just be comforted in the fact that they will not breed true, so the breeds used in the crosses are kinda unimportant. This is why I just categorized my sex-link ladies as Red and Black. LOL

    Hope you get it figured out!
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    I was always curious of this myself. One catalogue... I think it was Moyers... plan out said that red-sex links are all the same more or less just everyone slaps a different name on them. Basically a brand name for the same product. The only difference I've noticed is the amount of red. My Sil-go-links I recieved from Central Hatchery have real soft cinnamon coloring to gold coloring with lots of white feathered tips and some red-stars I got looked like RIR with some white flecks. But other than color there really isn't any difference just sometimes it comes down to the parent stock that went into making them. That's about all I've figured out on them so far.
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    The 2 front chicks(well, 1 chick + the fluffy behind of the other reddish one) in pic # 1 are red sexlink pullets and the chick in the second and third pic is a red sexlink cockeral.
    The 2 in the 4th pic could be RIR.

    I think Cinnamon queens are RIRXRIW, a Red Sussex cross is a RIRXLight Sussex, dunno what the dif is with all the other names. I know in the hatcheries here they have all different names, one calls them Isa browns, another Bovans, Hy-line browns, red stars and red sexlinks.
    One hatchery had in their breed discription ALL of those names, so I am guessing that they are all the same cross.

    Hope this helps a bit,
  5. amazondoc

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    I noticed on the Ideal site that both the black and brown SLs are RIR x rocks (just different colors of rock). OTOH the gold SLs are RIRed x RIWhite , while the red SLs are RIR x Delaware . So there definitely are differences between the different sex-links -- BUT it's probably ALSO true that different hatcheries have their own "proprietary" names for the same crosses.
  6. ella

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    Here's the info on Feathersite:

    White Rocks x New Hampshire male to produce the Golden Comet.

    Silver Laced Wyandotte x New Hampshire gives the Cinnamon Queen.

    Two other crosses are obtained with Rhode Island White x Rhode Island Red, and Delaware x Production Red. These two crosses are simply called Red Sex-Links.

    Wikipedia says The ISA Brown is a cross between Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White chickens. But Wikipedia also says that ISA Browns are considered a pure breed and doesn't say anything about losing the sex linking. [​IMG]

    I've yet to find a reliable list of breed crosses to names. I think it's a bit of a lost cause as most hatcheries just slap a name on them. [​IMG]
  7. CoyoteMagic

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    Thanks for the answers ya'll. I think like me we believe that the hatcheries come up with what ever they want. Plus once they get to the feedstores, they just dump them all in one bin anyhow! Oh well, they are just purdy!

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