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    Just wanted to help all those that have been impatiently waiting on there sex links to begin laying. I have 17 black and red sex link pullets that have just turned 24 weeks old Dec 4th. This very day I received my first egg after impatiently waiting since they were 16 weeks old. Everything i have read said that this breed would begin laying between 16 and 20 weeks old. By the looks of them i have 4 that appear ready to lay. I noticed that they began making nests in their nest boxes about a week before the first egg. Dec 7th I got 2 eggs and now today, Dec 8th i have gotten 3 eggs. I am expecting 4 eggs a day within the next few days considering the looks of the four hens i stated that appear ready to begin reimbursing me for my feed expenses. They have been eating 50 pounds of feed a week at $17 a bag for the last 12 weeks along with free ranging all day. Hope this helps for all that have been frustrated waiting on that first egg.
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    I have 10 brown sex links, at 18 weeks I got my first egg, at just under 22 weeks I had my first 10 for 10 day. It has happened 2 more times but for the most part I am getting 6-8 a day. I'm very happy with my birds.
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    I have sex links too. Waiting on that first egg was like watching paint dry in the rain.

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