Sex of ordered straight run chicks

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  1. dekel18042

    dekel18042 Songster

    Jul 18, 2013
    We have always ordered pullet only chicks, but were thinking of ordering straight run, but wouldn't want to be overrun with roosters.
    For those of you who have ordered straight run, what percentage of each sex did you get? And from which hatchery?
  2. cityfarmer12

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    Oct 18, 2014
    There is not really a right answer for this, and hatchery (usually) doesn't matter. I have gotten 9 groups of st run chicks and i had.
    1. 6 light brahma chicks=5 boys and 1 girl
    2. 3 pro red chicks=2 girls 1 boy (score!)
    3. 4 buff brahma chicks=4 girls
    4. 3 brown leghorn chicks=3 girls
    5. 12 white leghorn chicks=4 girls and 8 boys
    6. 20 cornish cross chicks=10 boys and 10 girls
    7. 5 mixed bantams=2 girls and 3 boys
    8. 5 rhode island red=5 boys
    9. 30 red rangers=12 girls and 18 boys

    half were from 1 hatchery and the others were from TSC. You really can't tell. If your not wanting to eat or try to find homes for the boys, you might want to stick with sexed :) Good luck!

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