sex of sumatra and pekin 5 weeks?


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Sep 1, 2012
Walton on the Naze, UK
Hi there

these are our last chicks of the year and wanted your opinions on sex? both 5 weeks and we're thinking the fluff the pekin is a roo?(does anyone know the colour?was meant o be silver?) and skuff the sumatra we really can't tell-pullet??
any help would be much apprciated!

Your Pekin is definitely a boy. The Sumatra.. So far a girl. I'd wait on the Sumatra for a while though. She could surprise you. However, no surprises with your Pekin. 100% a boy. He is blue I believe.
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Thanks! that is very helpful-we were 99% sure on the pekin but as we don't have any others of the same breed, we wanted to check....just in case

Any other info on sexing the sumatra would be what to look out for in particular? both bantams by the way if any different...
thanks alot

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