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    Hi everyone! I was watching my neighbor's 12-bird coop and this tiny 2-lb bird took sick; they're not too interested in vet bills for chickens, so I brought her to my house, put her in the bathroom hospital room, started her on an antibiotic, system detox tincture, avo probiotics, yogurt, scrambled egg, etc., I had on hand from my own last sick chicken go-round and the bird rallied in 5 days, I stopped the antibiotic at 7 days, bird relapsed, have started again on amoxi and am crossing my fingers. Owners want to call the knacker, but I'm not giving up.

    We're trying to figure out the beat up appearance of the chicken, too, then I remembered that when I had put this chicken in with my flock of 4 a day or two after the bird recovered some, my lead bird immediately[​IMG]

    approached this chicken, and they chest-bumped in mid-air and it all dissolved into wings and feet in a New York Minute and I had to intervene. I've never seen that behavior before.

    Then my neighbor said, you know, the tiny egg I thought was that bird's is still being laid.

    Do we have a rooster here, you guys?

    And if we do, now what?
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    if that bird is full grown it looks like a hen

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