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Jan 25, 2009
Salem, OR, USA
I have 6 Pekin ducks that's about 23 weeks old, and starting about 16th week they started to lay eggs, most days now I can collect 5 eggs a day, so I assume there are at least 5 femals. They all looked the same to me, and I can't tell if there is a drake among them. My question is: does Pekin duck drake has that curled up feather on their tall? if yes, at what age does that feather appear?None of mine ducks have that curled tall feather.

Another thing is, every now and then I have seen one or two ducks, sometime even more, get on the back of another duck, holding its neck down, and looks like they are trying to mate. In the begining, I thought they were drakes, but now seams like I can only have one possible drakes, so what's happening with these ducks? Are they just confused? Maybe they are give each other messages.

Any answers are appreciated. Thanks.
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Nov 24, 2008
Yes they get the curl feather,,By 23 weeks if it is male it should have it..Sometimes females will get on top and make it look like they are mating,maybe your boy just doesnt have the curl yet..Try cracking a few eggs to see if the bullseye is there if so they are fertile and you have a male..My 2 boys are 19 weeks and they have no sign of the curl yet either..My last year babies seem to do the change alot faster than this years babies...

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