Sex these Easter Eggers!


6 Years
Mar 16, 2013
East Bay, California
We hatched 10 Easter Eggers 9 weeks ago. On of them has started to crow in the morning, not louder than the crows and geese and jays yet so no complaints from the neighbors. I cant tell who is crowing since when I go out to have a look he stops. Soon the others will join him and of course it'll get louder. Since we cant keep roosters, its time to see what y'all think about who's who so we can get planning. there's some buff orps in there too but still look so alike i cant sort their pictures yet.

Chicken 1 (pullet?)

chicken 2 (roo?)

chicken 3 pullet?

chicken 4 roo?

Chicken 5 pullet?

chicken 6 pullet?

chicken 7 roo?

chicken 8 roo?

chicken 9 pullet?

chicken 10 pullet?

Thanks for the look!
Agreed with everyone else, sorry about that luck
Thanks for the help and confirmation everyone.

I dont mind the ratio. We were only going to be able to keep 4 of them anyway, so now we dont have to fret about which pullets to keep/give away since there are only 4 anyway.

Anyone want any roos.....?

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