sex this chick???


11 Years
Jun 29, 2008
sevier valley,utah
what sex is this chick????

4 1/2 week old RiR
my dh thinks its a boy!!!
just want to double check its a girl!!!!
I like to give these 'games' a try... I'm guessing pullet but I don't have tons of experience in this area.
I have tosay pullet beause I read somewhere that their legs are larger if they are a roo. I have two RIR's the same age and they look just like mine. I think I have 1 BO roo because of size, leg size, comb size and temperment. Does that make me an expert? Heck no!
It looks like a Red Star to me, but not sure if it.s a pullet or roo. I have RIR's they looked darker than yours. They were almost 6 weeks here.

I would say pullet. My little RIR obvious roo is about the same age and there is a big difference! Yours looks like my pullet chicks all the same age as yours.
You sure have a cutie there!

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