Sex & Type #3 Ameraucana?


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Aug 12, 2008
Staten Island NY
#3 has another mix in there as he has some feathers on his legs.


Is this the reason for all the leg colors? Or is that because other birds are mixed in someplace along the line? I'd been told they were Araucana/Ameraucana with the 1 feathered leg a real mix. Hmmmm...............I am beginning to better understand thanks to you all lending me a hand.
There are tons of folks confused on this subject, Mags, because the hatcheries sell these birds as Ameruacana, Americana, Araucana. So the person you got them from might not realize they aren't.

Do a search and you will find lots of info. There is a nice informative thread on the Breeds section about the differences between EEs, Ameraucana and Araucana.

So the thing is, they are a mixture of Ameraucana, which has 8 recognized colors and lays a nice blue egg. The green legs must be a cross between the slate legs of the Ameraucana and some of the yellow legs of some standard breeds. But I had an EE roo with yellow legs.

I understand why there is confusion. If the hatcheries would officially change the name of their mutts to Easter Eggers, it would help clear things up.

Good luck with your chooks.

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