Sexiing East Indies and other random questions

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by wbruder17, Oct 1, 2011.

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    How can you sex East Indies ducks? I have 2 that absolutely love each other and are inseperable. They were supposed to be females.

    Iif they are girls...what age will they lay eggs? And do they only lay eggs during a specific time of year? They shouuld be old enough to lay, if they are girls, but there have not been any eggs yet.

    If they are boys, wiill they be ok with each other? We have a large wild population of mallards that are allll over our yard all the time, but I no longer allow my ducks to free range. Will they fight, if males, over this wild population that they can see, but not get to?
  2. wbruder17

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    Jun 7, 2010
    Portland, OR
    Still wondering.... anybody?
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    If your ducks are this year's birds, they probably won't start laying till around Feb or March. When you pick them up, if they give loud "quacks", they are girls, and if they have a weak kind of whispery voice, they are boys. Also, if they are old enough to lay, you can tell by their tails. The males will have a few curly feathers at the tail, and the females will have a straight tail. Indies are seasonal layers, and normaly lay from around Feb or March through about June, however, I have a hen who just hatched 9 ducklings last week, so there is always the exception to the rule. The first eggs they lay will be almost black...this is normal, and they will lighten in color the longer she lays. They are good little mothers, and I'm really enjoying watching Mom with her kids. Yes, whether they are male of female, they will get along together. I just added two males and two females to my group with no fuss at all. The Indies seem to be very mild natured.
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    I know this is an old thread.......But Ugly Ducky....

    I am getting 2 black east indie ducklings this week. Do yours ever fly off? Or do they enjoy hanging out with your flock? I do not like the idea of having to trim wings if it is not necessary......

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