sexing 16 wo buff orps?

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    I need more egg layers soon and read about 3 BO pullets(16 wo) for sale near my home. My concern is I have been trying to see pics SOMEWHERE on here of definite pullet/cockerel differences at that age and it seems that it CAN vary and they are asking $5 for each of these pullets and I don't want to mess up(been a costly summer with chickens!!!)Is anyone experienced enough to say there IS a huge variance in what pullets can look like at 16 weeks or SHOULD they truely have almost non existant comb/wattles at that age? I only have 2 2 1/2 yo bo hens and can't remember them at that age(no good camera). anyone have pics of 16 week old definite pullets/cockerels????? thanks
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