Sexing 2.5 months old chicks

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by minhjirachi, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Mar 10, 2014
    Hello everyone, I have a little problem with dividual sex of my chicks. They were 2.5 months old and have just pass the Fowl Pox disease. I don't know how to sexing them. So please help me.


    With 2 black chicks, I can see thier "Caruncles". It's really small. I don't know toms or hens, who has it first? And I can't see that thing on white chick. I really want the white chick was the tom. Because I want to breed the Royal Palm. :D

    And how many type of turkeys do we have? I just know 3 type: wild turkey, royal palm, pencil palm.

    Thank you so much.
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