Sexing - A Rooster in the hen House???


11 Years
Sep 24, 2008
I think my 12 week old barred rock is possibly a boy. I will post a picture when I can figure out how to do so. The rock is developing a red comb and wattle; and is very aggressive, chasing the girls around the coop constantly.

How can I tell the sex? Thanks, Matt
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his tail should be differnt, and he will be a whole lot lighter then the hens, we have one and he is a great roo

but i would still need pics for sure
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i have 8 chicks - and 2 of them are barred rocks. purple is a shy barred rock. she will not come close to me and she must be lower in the pecking order. birdie the other rock is much more aggressive and always comes near me. she is the first to greet me and is very friendly. birdies comb is bigger and red compared to purples. they are both pullets. i just think there are differences in hens like in humans.

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