Sexing Araucana Chicks


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I suspect I know which breeder the eggs came from as I've bought hatching eggs from them myself and you do end up with quite a range of colours as they are either project pens or mixed colour pens.

Araucana are difficult to sex and I tend to rely on attitude to tell me early on, although the partridge are easy to sex because the chest starts to turn black on the cockerels and they get the redder feathers coming through on the wing (your partridge is a cockerel).

They should start sprouting saddle feathers around this age. You might have to look under the larger feathers at the base of the tail to see if you can spot any very skinny, pointed feathers hiding there. They may take another week or so to turn up, but you should spot them soon.

Your black one is looking like a girl to me. She looks like she'll be like my girl who doesn't have a crest. I actually think she's prettier than the crested ones.


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Feb 15, 2020

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