sexing bantam rocks?


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Mar 31, 2008
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Hey guys --

I "accidentally" bought 4 young bantam barred rocks yesterday. I was at this guy's place to buy 3 bantam Columbian rocks, and he said if I bought all the barred rocks in addition he'd throw em in for $5. So I did.

Now, these barred rocks are supposed to be pullets. But I wouldn't be surprised if they're all cockerels. Unfortunately, I have NO experience with sexing barred or cuckoo birds. I know the theory -- two copies of the barring gene for males, one for females -- but I don't know how that translates into visually distinguishing between them as youngsters (around 4-6 weeks).

Can anybody give me handy pointers? I'll try to get pics in the next few days, but I'm way too tired right now!
I think I'm gonna have to post pics. Right now their combs look awfully androgenous to me -- like the character of undetermined sex called "Pat" that used to appear on Saturday Night Live.

I'll get pics. Stay Tuned. Thanks!
I got one banty barred rock at TSC as a day old. As if got bigger, it is much lighter colored than my standard pullets, more like the cockerals. I was convinced it was a male, but at last week I checked all the chicks closely and noticed that it doesn't have the pointy feathers that the other males have. Now I am not so sure and am thinking it's a female, I figured I'd just keep it for a bit longer to see if it lays or crows.
Darlin, those rocks have NO tails...and fairly large COMBS... I've got three week olds with much bigger tails and they are...wait for it... girls.

That's very very showy boy barring if I were to make a guess. And they stand really upright. I'd expect a much wider darker bar on a girl.

I'm sure they were pullets until DAWN BREATHED on them.... Chuckle...

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