Sexing barred rock mix question


May 27, 2020
I hatched chicks from my flock yesterday my roos are a barred rock and a lavender orphington my hens are a sapphire gems, a blue Plymouth, 2 buff orphington a RIR and a black australorp my question they all came out black and white or black with dark gray and white the majority with white on there heads, i know pur breeds are sexed by the white on their heads and black on there legs but will this also be possible in mixed breeds and since they all came out black will they all be barred

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Nov 17, 2016
No you won't be able to sex them like you can pure barred rocks.
Barring is sex linked and the BR males have two copies while the females only have one. That's what makes the differences in head spots and shank color.
Since none of your females are barred none of your male offspring can have two copies. All the chicks from the BR rooster will have one copy of barring regardless of their sex so there won't be any differences.
Yes any chicks the BR fathered will be barred. With the BA all will be black barred. From the two blue hens you could get black barred or blue barred.
The BO and RIR offspring will be black barred but as they age you will get various amounts of leakage.
All the chicks from the LO rooster will be the same except they won't be barred.

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