Sexing Black Copper Marans at 6 weeks! Help!


May 1, 2020
Atlanta, GA
Get ready for a lot of pictures!! I have 2 BCM chicks both 6 weeks and some change but there are some pretty big differences between the two and I am so confused as to which one is a pullet and which could be a little roo. I’m hoping for two pullets! Im a first time chicken owner so sexing is really difficult for me! I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. Sniffles is a lot bigger and heavier that Poppy, also I believe sniffles has bigger feet than poppy as well. However comb is a light pink and yellow at the top and so are wattles. But they are reddish too just not as red as Poppys? Sniffles has slight copper at the neck but very very slight and on only 2 feathers. Sniffles had late tail feather development when younger and has always had a "rounder" tail as you can probably tell bellow. When Sniffles was little the tail had lots of "fluffs" but not feathers then when feathers did come in there weren't a lot and it held on to a lot fo the "fluffs if you know what I mean. Sniffles has always had fluffier feathers that fluff up a lot. Sniffles will often times fluff his/her feathers and make them stand up a bit. Poppy is smaller than Sniffles. Poppy has a redder comb and redder waddles, but they are pretty red in my opinion. Poppy has gold feathers at the neck and has started getting some gold in the wings. Poppy is a sweet chicken so temperament I haven’t really seen much aggression. Poppy and sniffles have flown into each other and bumped chests before but it’s not frequent and I don’t really know if this is a sign or not because my two for sure red sex link pullets have done these too. Sniffles is the more aggressive one in comparison to Poppy but neither of them are actually aggressive. (The other two chickens seen in the background are Lucille and Dixie and they are red sex link pullets. :) Thank you again everyone who can help me!

Sniffles (Subject #1):
View attachment 2186686 View attachment 2186688 View attachment 2186691 View attachment 2186692 View attachment 2186707 View attachment 2186696 View attachment 2186698 View attachment 2186704 View attachment 2186709 View attachment 2186745

Poppy (Subject #2):

View attachment 2186724 View attachment 2186726 View attachment 2186732
View attachment 2186748 You can see the gold in neck here a bit.
View attachment 2186752 Funny picture but it shows the waddles. :) View attachment 2186756 View attachment 2186758 View attachment 2186772 View attachment 2186773 View attachment 2186776 You can kinda see the faint gold bellow the white spot on the right. It is like gold speckles coming in on the wing feathers. This just began coming in this week

The two together:
View attachment 2186728 Sniffles on the right and Poppy on the left. You can see how much bigger Sniffles is.

View attachment 2186736 Sniffles top right. Poppy top left.

View attachment 2186746 Sniffles left. Poppy right.

View attachment 2186762 Poppy left. Sniffles right. You can really see the size difference and comb color difference here.
View attachment 2186764 Same with here. Poppy left, Sniffles right.

Some baby pictures of the two at around two and a half weeks-ish old: Also they did not always stay on the pink flower mat that was just for pictures.
View attachment 2186713 Sniffles is on the right and Poppy is on the left eating out of the feeder. You can see how much rounder and fluffier Sniffles tail and back feathers are compared to Poppys.

View attachment 2186715 This is Poppy doing a wing stretch. Im not sure if anyone could use the feather information to help with sexing.

View attachment 2186717 Sniffles on the Left facing backwards and Poppy on the right showing us his/her adorable little front. You can see here how Sniffles was bigger than Poppy as well as the state of how Sniffles feathers grew in which was different than Poppys.

View attachment 2186721 Another feather growth visual. Poppy on the bottom and Sniffles on the top.

View attachment 2186722 Just a cute Poppy picture because I couldn't resist. :)

Thank you everyone who can take the time to help me with this! I really appreciate it! Also the chicken were bought at my neighborhood feed and seed store so I did not hatch them and I do not know anything about their parents or if they are even related. The feed store said that they were sexed female with 90% accuracy but I just don't know they look so different! Thank you!

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