Sexing Black Copper Marans question


7 Years
Aug 9, 2013
So I have three one week old BCMs. One of the three has far more advanced wing development and feathers on it's tail. The others do not have tails (yet?) The difference between the two and the one is significant enough that I have to assume I've either got one girl or two. Any opinions? The first photo is of the back end of the one with tail feathers. The second shows the other two without tail feathers.

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Oh ok. I was gonna say that it looked like you had a silkie not a bcm :lol:but for the tail feathers, in my small experience each chick develops a little differently than another. So it might just be that chick is just a little ahead of the others. I keep an eye on the combs as far as deciding which I think are Roos. I could tell almost all of my chicks at jut 2 or 3 weeks by looking at the comb growth. Some chicks can deceive you though lol

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