Sexing "Blue" Copper Marans, Swedish Flower hens, Wheaton Ameraucanas, Olive Eggers

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    Hello everyone! Just for fun I thought I would share some pictures of our little baby chicks.
    We have 12 in total, 4 BCM, 4 SFH, 2 WA, and 2 OE.

    My guess so far (they are 4 weeks old now) is 1 rooster and 11 pullets. I know its still too early to tell, so I've been doing this since they hatched just for fun!

    This is the olive egger I named, Clover, the other one looks exactly the same but has some coppering coming out in the feathers so I named that one, Crimson. I believe both to be hens. They have almost full feathering except for bits on their head, chest and necks. Both seem to have pea combs I think.

    These two are BCM, there is another one with the same feathering. I believe these three to be pullets.

    Forefront is a BCM, I believe to be a rooster. It's lacking of feathering, developed comb and large feet are a tell-tale sign to me. Also, he just about doubled in size in the last week or so.
    Behind him is a SFH, the only black and white one we got. I believe this to be a hen due to the feathering pattern it's showing; Prominent tail growth, back feathering and wing feathering completely grown in. Chest is now too with neck and head feathering still a little patchy.

    These two are the WA (not too happy that they do not have as pronounced muffs as the OEs), I believe both to be pullets. They now are completely feathered on wings, back, tail and chest with their neck and head feathers coming in nicely. Not overly pronounced combs either.

    These are SFH, of which I believe all 4 to be pullets. They do all have pronounced combs, but I'm wondering if this is just due to the breed having taller combs than others.

    I have more photos, but thought I would just go with these unless others are requested.

    Happy guessing! Can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks [​IMG]

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