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Discussion in 'Quail' started by birdbrain444, Jan 24, 2014.

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    my blue scaled quail make two very distinct noises...can you determine sex by this or do both sexes make both noises... some raise their head up high and strut around...jerking their head back and forth...'woot woot'...'woot woot'... makes me think those are the males because it seems like a 'dominance' kind of performance...i know youre suppose to be able to sex them by the colors of their throats...pinstripes or no pinstripes but i cant tell the difference...any help?
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    I don't have any scaled quail and never played with them but you might read this and see if it helps. Also I believe the member WaterfowlWierdo mentioned having some maybe he can help.
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    They are pretty hard to sex because their feathering is very similar. However the males will have a plain brownish color chin, almost a yellowish color and the females will have light pin striping on their chins. The head and the crest of the male will be a bit larger. The crest will be lighter, even white on the males, and more buff on the females.

    If you have any pics to post, we can get a better look at them. :)

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