Sexing Cayugas


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
Ok, how soon on a Cayuga duckling can you tell whether it is a drake or a hen?

I notice on the pics that the full grown males are LOTS greener than the females who look to be more black. Does this appear as they mature or on their first feathers?

Any way to tell on the ducklings? I want to be able to know ASAP whether George is a George or a Georgette
I have no clue how to do that..... nor am I sure I want to!LOL
Oh Hubby..... have I got a job for you!LOL

Anyone else?
I think they start getting the curly tail feathers on the drakes around 14 week correct? Wait for that or laying. But dont get tricked cuz when my cayugas were maybe round 15 weeks they were doing what to me looked like mating (climbing on top of each other and doin the tail thing) and they both turned out to be females
Well, George is maybe a week old.
We saw him on Sat. and he seemed a lot bigger than the chick we got the same day.
We got him Sunday and he is still about twice as big as his chick friend/roomate.
So, he has awhile to wait.

I found a thing on vent sexing both here on BYC and on eHow. So we will see if DH is game to try.....

If George is a George.... I want time to decide what to do, basically make him a house duck for sure then.....?

If he is a Georgette..... great as he can go live outside once full grown with the other ducks and chickens.
We did it!
And are 95% sure that George is a Georgette!YEAH:D

No boy parts that 3 of us saw on 2 tries.... so crossing fingers that we were right and George becomes Georgette!LOL

It was scarey, we were worried about hurting George but he was ok and we feel better knowing that chances are we have a girl!

Thanks guys!

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