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    I've seen several posts that say people can sex a chicken egg by how round it is. Has anyone ever measured this? I have a digital caliper that I use for reloading and I can measure the width and length of an egg very precisely. I'm guessing that there is a certain ratio of width to length that would be the limit between a hen and a rooster. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm guessing I could measure all my eggs and calculate ratios and then based on the hen / rooster ratio I can figure out how many eggs are above a certain ratio to give a certain number of roosters. Then use this limit in my next batch of eggs to be sure I have the right number of hens and roosters that I need.

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    I'm fairly certain that is just another Old Wives tale. Of course you could just try it out and less us know what your results are.
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    Some people swear by it, but it's very untrue for the average person. Some hens naturally lay rounder eggs, just like some hens will naturally hatch out more of one sex then the other. So thats how a few poeple get postivie results, but very few. It's overall untrue becuase it only applies to certain hens.
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