sexing chicks ... french black copper marans

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    I'm sure that this has been covered, but I'm over whelmed by searching ... so if you can share the info or show me where this has been talked about I be forever thankful!

    I've been told 2 different things about sexing these chicks ... one person says you can tell when they are day old chicks by their feather color ... and another person said you can tell by the egg color??? how is that possible? Please let me know any real info you can give me! THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!![​IMG]: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    No idea, but I'm jealous.............I want some BCM's.
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    I dont think you can tell with the egg colour!!!

    Possible with feather colour, as I hatched 11 BCM eggs in march last, I gave away the 4 most coloured chicks and they all turned out to be roos!!!

    ( I did swap them back for hens)
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    Once you hatch enough of any breed you can start telling from the comb. I'm good with Bantams, can usually tell right out of the egg. The boys have a bright yellow comb that's a little bigger, the girls a dirty yellow and smaller size. But I had to hatch a lot of eggs and watch them grow to get good at it. Other breeds/sizes have their own characteristics, so it's not fool proof. I hatched 4 eggs for a friend and felt bad since I just knew it was 3 boys and a girl. So I set some more eggs with the intention of swapping them out once she knew they were boys too. LOL... I think I got 2 and 2 from the 2nd batch, so she'll still be stuck with atleast one boy if she wants 4 birds.

    But if you watch them, really sit there for awhile and compare each chick to all the others, you'll start to notice the differences in color, behavior, combs, ect. The bravest one that comes to your hand first, is usually 9 out of 10 times a boy, for example. The ones who make a chirpy little announcement when you stick your head in, are usually boys practicing rooster speak. This starts at about 1 week of age. Play fights start around 1 week too, watch for who does it to who, and how the other responds back. A strong responce back to the aggressor usually means both are boys. If the other is shy and doesn't want to participate, and you see some differences in color and comb, it's a boy picking on a girl who doesn't want to play fight.

    BCMs are a single comb breed, with my experience, that means the boys will have a taller/wider/yellower comb than the girls. It will be a slight difference, but it will be there. The base on the boys will be wider, since their's will grow to be 3 times the size of the females. Look at the fuzz on the sides of the comb, the boys won't have a lot of fuzz right up against the comb, there will be a flat space between comb and fuzz... maybe like 2-3 mm's... not a huge difference, but it will be there once your eyes know what to look for. The girls will have fuzz right up against a smaller/"dirtier" colored comb.

    I haven't hatched BCMs yet, but I have hatched lot's of single comb varieties over the years. I even had one little Black Bantam roo come out red in the face already. The hen had a black-ish comb, it was really obvious who was who fresh out of the egg before even drying off. Some could go either way, and you can't tell until there's more indicators. Like a raised comb of boy size, with girl comb coloring.. that's a tough one until feathers/behavior come through.
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    I just hatched 10 BCM in November and I am in the same position as you. I want to get rid of all but 1 rooster. The chicks are now 6 weeks old and what I think are roosters have alot more copper feathers around the neck and their combs are approx 1/4 inch tall at this time. I'm not sure if the pullets have feathers on their feet or if just the males have foot feathers.
    I hope you get some better replys than I have provided, I am interested as well
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    Can you post some pictures?
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    Quote:Would love to help you out! But I just ordered the eggs! I can't wait!!! They should be here around the 11th of this month! (New Year) and I'm on pins and needles!

    I just was told by someone that they can tell by the egg color? I do know that when they hatch in Feb, I will be looking at theM VERY closely!!! I haven't been able to sleep for the last 2 nights and I have some time to go yet!

    I'm learning a lot about the breed, and I do know that both hens and Roo's have feathers on their feet, but only the outside toe? The ones with no feather are not the French breed.

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    Telling by egg color is easy. If the egg is colored or white, the bird laying it is probably a girl.
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    Quote:ok ... that was funny ... but not what I was looking for

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